Self Help

Looking for strategies to be an effective learner online? Check out these tips here.

SASS provides self-help materials to help you be a successful student, manage your stress, and develop the life skills you need:

Additionally, you can refer to the following instructional videos for more help:

Semester Calendar

Want to get your schedule down for the semester? Download our semester calendar! Use it digitally or print off on an 11x17 to use as a poster.

Time Management

LASK Time Management

Staying Organized

LASK Staying Organized

End of Semester Planning

End of Semester Planning


LASK Prioritization and Time Management

Spaced Repetition Strategy

LASK Spaced Repetition Technique

Grad Workshop: Imposter Syndrome

Academic Stress for Graduate Students: Imposter Syndrome

Grad Workshop: Procrastination

Academic Stress for Graduate Students: Procrastination

Grad Workshop: Perfectionism

Academic Stress for Graduate Students: Perfectionism