Academic Success Courses

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OUE 1001

This 2-credit class teaches students:

  • Effective study habits
  • Critical thinking strategies
  • Managing time
  • Reading comprehension strategies
  • Test preparation strategies
  • Stress management
  • Methods for increased personal self-awareness

OUE 1101

This 1-credit, B term course offers support to students with academic concerns:

  • Connects students with peers facing similar challenges
  • Supports development of study skill strategies to complete semester
  • Identifies goals
  • Helps with the creation of study plans needed to support success

OUE 1102

This 2-credit class helps academically at-risk students:

  • Build a plan for success
  • Connect with peers facing similar challenges
  • Develop academic and skill strategies
  • Helps students learn what to do if they are unhappy with their current degree program, or are unsure about wanting to be in college